Robbie Fraleigh, PhD

A data scientist examining the change-factors within human culture, behavior and geography.

Clarity Through Accessibililty

I live in the conversation of data analytics and information design, helping technical leaders and decision makers access the information they need to make powerful decisions.

My process starts in articulating the key questions at play, using a combination of facilitation and interactive visual analytics to help clients explore, reframe, and refocus the questions at hand.

I work as an Assistant Research Professor with the Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory - Cyber Data & Imaging Sciences Division and Faculty Contributor with the Applied Biological Research Lab, serving as Principal Investigator, Co-PI, and Technical Lead on several data analytics and data visualization programs.


Recent Projects / Side Musings

I often can't share my work publicly out of respect for the clients of ARL. But to give you a picture, I've included a selection of work that spans my creative interests and research areas. If you're curious about a specific sector or area of expertise, please contact me to learn more.

Generally, my work serves two audiences:

  • Thinkers and Tinkerers who want to access, explore, and examine the parameters that drive data from multiple perspectives.

  • Visionaries and Decision-Makers who need visual presentations that prioritize data contextualization to explore existing strategic options and make effective decisions where exploration isn’t important but summarization is key.

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